Wii U: The Year Two Review

PC enthusiasts: This is the controller you need to . ... Also, each game page is packed with useful data, such as trailers, screenshots, to data on download sizes. ... From Super Mario 3D World to Bayonetta 2 to Wind Waker HD to ... Cynics will view Nintendo's first-party line-up as little more than HD ...
The Tale of a Fitness-Tracking Addict's Struggles With Strava

Through an interface that looks like the cockpit of a fighter jet, Strava ... flag to mark an activity complete (okay, so I still miss that a little).
An incoherent strategy for combating Isis

This weekend, British fighter aircraft are set to start bombing Islamist terrorists in Iraq. ... But Britain is little more than a bit player in the coalition.
Why the French state has a team of UFO hunters

The papers I look at contain eerie accounts of strange things encountered in the skies by fighter pilots on routine reconnaissance missions.
Here's What Boxing Taught This Small-Business Owner About

Strong fighters and successful entrepreneurs have a lot more in common than you'd think. When great boxers step into the ring, and when the ...
Red Riding Hood Swings A Mean Axe In Woolfe, Demo Out Now
Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries is a re-imagining of the Little Red Riding ... onto Steam that you can download right now for free on Windows.
Ultra Street Fighter IV's free Omega mode focuses on fun over balance
The PC version of Ultra Street Fighter IV should really be the one to get, ... I've played a little Street Fighter IV over the years, but not enough to ...
Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo crash wasn't caused by faulty rocket
Updated @ 11:12am, November 3: Preliminary results from the investigation indicate that the disintegration of SpaceShipTwo was not caused ...
XCOM: Enemy Unknown Includes New Airbase Defense
XCOM: Enemy Unknown came out almost exactly two years ago, in October 2012. Gamers eagerly anticipated the series reboot and welcomed ...
The Chuckle Brothers are in Half-Life Black Mesa
You might have to squint a little bit but it's definitely their cheeky ... to witness the hilarity for yourselves, you should download the here.

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